10 Worst Rated Musical Films About Rotten Tomatoes

Fans of the Broadway musical Nasty are thrilled to hear that the prequel scene of The Wizard of Oz will finally get a film adaptation in 2024 after many years in development hell (via American review). The musical film genre is a pendulum of successes and failures. Whether it’s an adaptation of a popular Broadway musical, a jukebox homage, or something completely original, it’s a roll of the dice with every big screen production. .

Big names, flashy costumes and dance songs set the stage for history. Some viewers appreciate the art and others find the concept whimsical. While countless musical films have stood on their own, others have missed the mark. These weak musical scores from Rotten Tomatoes speak for themselves.


11 Greatest Showman – 54%

With his musical training and acting skills, it was only fitting that Hugh Jackman would be cast as PT Barnum in the musical biopic. The greatest showman, chronicling the life of the founder and showman of Barnum and Bailey Circus. With a top-notch cast and original songs by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (The Earth), the film had all the makings of a hit.

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Unfortunately, this is not reflected in the 54% Rotten Tomatoes score. The film was a financial success, but the main complaints from critics were the runtime and the glorification of Barnum.

ten Perfect location 3 – 28%

One of the best talent show movies, Perfect is popular among millennials for its covers of fresh songs and pleasant humor. The success of Perfect location 2 spawned another sequel, Perfect 3to complete the trilogy.

The film reunites former college champion singing group The Bellas, with the goal of performing in a final competition. Perfect 3 was nowhere near as adopted as that of its predecessors, resulting in a 28% Rotten Tomatoes score. Critics and fans felt the film was an unsatisfying conclusion to a story that had a magical start.

9 Cats – 19%

Adopting a popular Broadway musical on the big screen is rather difficult, especially in staying true to the source material. After decades of fruitless efforts, a live-action film adaptation by Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats was released in 2019. While the film held Oscar bait, the hooks failed to catch on critically or financially.

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Not even the star Cats The cast could save the film, which was a box office bomb with a loss of $114 million for Universal Pictures. The film was heavily criticized for its disastrous and creepy CGI cat/human hybrid.

8 Diana: The Musical – 12%

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, is one of the most iconic figures in history. Her grace, philanthropy and style made her not just the people’s princess of the British royal family, but a princess to the world. In 1997, Diana’s life was tragically cut short by a fatal car accident, her legacy inspiring numerous productions in her honor.

Netflix released a filmed performance of the 2019 musical Diana in 2021. The presentation was ridiculed for its portrayal of Diana’s life. Even though Diana: the musicalreceived critical acclaim, it’s still one of the best Princess Diana movies.

seven sergeant. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – 11%


The Beatles are by far one of the most revered rock bands of all time, changing the face of music history. In addition to starring in film adaptations of their classic albums, The Fab Four have inspired numerous films based on their incredible legacy. Alas, not all of them succeeded.

A musical jukebox from 1978 inspired and named after the revolutionary sergeant. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the story revolves around a small-town band’s successful rise in the music industry. The film was expected to be a success, but it fell apart as the Beatles’ post-breakup hype had dropped considerably.

5 Basmati Blue – 10%

Winning an Oscar can provide security for an actor’s career, but it doesn’t always guarantee a movie’s success. This proved true with 2017 Basmati Bluestarring 2015 Best Actress winner Brie Larson. Larson plays an American scientist who teams up with an Indian farmer (Utkarsh Ambudkar) to help other Indian farmers, falling in love along the way.

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The film sparked controversy over its stereotypical and culturally insensitive depiction of Indian races. Additionally, despite attempts to make the film an homage to Bollywood in Hollywood form, audiences found the film’s depictions of Indian culture to be superficial.

4 From Justin to Kelly – 8%

american idol has had many alumni both winners and runners-up, but perhaps one of the most significant is the contest’s first winner, Kelly Clarkson. Alongside Clarkson was runner-up Justin Guarini. The two captured the hearts of America with their incredible talents and endearing chemistry.

In an attempt to survive the beach blanket genre, a musical film titled From Justin to Kelly was lit green. Unfortunately, the 2003 film would be a critical and commercial failure, holding an abysmal 8% RT score. The lackluster choreography even resulted in the creation of the Governor’s Award for the Golden Razzies.

3 Music – 7%

2021 would see avant-garde musician Sia make her directorial debut with Music. She had her protege Maddie Ziegler from dance moms‘ fame in the lead role of a little girl with autism. Although the efforts were serious, the film was a disaster.

Music was lambasted for its callous and inaccurate portrayal of the autism community, including the physical restraint of the titular character. It wouldn’t spoil Ziegler’s rising career, as she would then star in the 2021 Oscar Best Picture nominee. West Side Story.

2 Standing ovation – 6%An image of the 2010 standing ovation

standing ovation could be considered Perfect for college students. The 2010 film revolves around five friends who come together as a singing group in order to win a music video contest. Overall, the film’s message was about pursuing your dreams despite the obstacles that may arise, which is perhaps standing ovationis the only redeeming quality.

The film failed to recoup its expenses and was torn by critics. What was supposed to be a heartfelt tale of friendship, dreams, and talent was seen as a boring, poorly acted children’s movie.

1 House party 3 – 0%

The house party The series is one of the most popular franchises to emerge in the 1990s. Catapulting comedian Martin Lawrence, the films are a similar setting to The hangover, centered on the crazy adventures of a group of friends. With the original movie being a smash hit, sequels were almost needed.

Not only house party 3 having a poor performance, but it received unfavorable reviews. Fans had the same view on house party 3 as they did about its predecessor, house party 2. The general opinion of the film was that it was a lazy attempt at a classic.

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