It’s rare for audiences to have the chance to come back and revisit the characters in a musical – and when producers decide to go down the sequel route, they often end up being criticized – take ANNIE WARBUCKS or LOVE NEVER DIES. , for example. But when a show doesn’t take itself too seriously, like Betsy kelso and David Nehls‘THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK MUSICAL, a follow-up can be just as much an exciting good time as the first. Make this sequel a Christmas spectacle and it can be a recipe for a hilarious, entertaining, and, yes, heartwarming night of theater. This is exactly the case for Titusville Playhouse’s latest production on its Shuler stage – THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK CHRISTMAS MUSICAL. So pull up your lawn chair, grab some wreaths and keg nog, and see how the locals of Armadillo Acres – Starke, Florida’s “most party trailer” – deal with the stresses and joys of summer season. holidays.

BWW Review: GREAT NOLLS MUSIC FROM THE AMERICAN TRAILER PARK at the Titusville PlayhouseTHE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK CHRISTMAS MUSICAL takes place in Armadillo Acres, about a year after the action of the original. But don’t worry if you missed the first one (even if it was a joke!), The cast gives audiences a brief plot recap in the opening issue. It’s a few days before Christmas and there’s a new conflict brewing, this time between the adorable Christmas fan, stigma hand model and trash craft geek, Rufus Jeter (Dennis Pisarz) and Darlene. Seward (Anna Olivia Banks) the self-proclaimed Scrooge of Armadillo Acres. But soon, after an unfortunate electrical incident, Darlene miraculously loses her memory and becomes the No.1 Christmas fan – making her endearing to Rufus and giving the trailer park new hope of winning Mobile Homes’ best decorated trailer park. & Gardens in North Florida and its $ 10,000 prize. Returning for a “second serving” as the fiery, fiery and downright hilarious “Greek choir” are Betty (Ashley Wilcox), Lin (Holly Fuller) and Pickles (Kayla Elliott) narrating and playing supporting roles as needed, throughout the show. Will Darlene remember who she is and become a mean neighbor again? Will her boyfriend and “grandmother” owner Jackie Boudreaux (Chris deJongh) find a way to ruin everyone’s Christmas? Or will Rufus and the Girls’ love of the season win out?

BWW Review: GREAT NOLLS MUSIC FROM THE AMERICAN TRAILER PARK at the Titusville PlayhouseTHE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK CHRISTMAS MUSICAL features a hilarious book by Betsy kelso which dusted off some of the funniest elements of the original, but then expertly extracts some of the bigger vacation shots – and gives them a “trashy twist.” For fans already familiar, Ms. Kelso picks up where she left off and makes visiting these now familiar and even more fun characters a sheer joy. David Nehls‘the music and lyrics are witty and catchy and just as fun to experience as her original TRAILER PARK score. The show even features what will likely become a favorite for this Christmas music fan – “… It’s Christmas,” a very grown-up, yet very funny take on how the holiday season allows us to forget. our woes, just for a moment.

BWW Review: GREAT NOLLS MUSIC FROM THE AMERICAN TRAILER PARK at the Titusville PlayhouseAs for the cast of the Titusville Playhouse production, everyone brings something big to the holiday table. The three “Girls” (Ashley Wilcox, Holly Fuller and Kayla Elliott) return from the earlier production of TRAILER PARK by Titusville, which creates a great deal of continuity and is a thrill, considering how good each of them are in the game. ‘original (and are in this one!). Seeing these three on stage in these roles is like coming home for Christmas and seeing your favorite black sheep aunts sneaking up on something around the corner while Grandma isn’t looking. As Darlene, the cranky Christmas fanatic, Anna Olivia Parks is wonderful. His voice roars in its hoarsest numbers and is lovely and sweet in more touching songs, like “My Christmas Tin Toy Boy”. Dennis Pisarz, as Rufus, is a trailer park treasure. He’s the perfect “redneck with a heart of gold” and shows an incredible voice, especially in his 11 o’clock country ballad, “Black & Blue on Christmas Eve”. To complete the cast, the infamous and hilarious Chris deJongh as Jackie Boudreaux who serves as the antagonist for the evening. As a bonus for fans of the previous production, Angela Tims, who played stripper, Pippi, worked at the bar (in character, of course) the night I attended, and served a medium-tipped Hot Cocoa. .

BWW Review: GREAT NOLLS MUSIC FROM THE AMERICAN TRAILER PARK at the Titusville PlayhouseNiko Stamos, provides excellent direction for THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK CHRISTMAS MUSICAL. It uses the same three trailers as the original as a backdrop (designed by Jay Bleakney), this time with some of the most garish and charming Christmas backdrops. The music, conducted by Spencer Crosswell (who also provides sound design) brings David Nehls‘marks a living life under the Shuler tent and Noah Dalton’s lighting design, this time with many Christmas touches, shines. Finally, Jordyn Linkous’ costumes and wig design are a perfect match, from Darlene’s ugliest Christmas sweaters to the hilarious aprons from Stacks.

So if you’re looking for an unconventional, unexpected, yet undeniably hilarious Christmas spectacle, THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK CHRISTMAS MUSICAL by Titusville Playhouse may be the perfect outing for you. But keep in mind that the show is rated PG-13, so leave the kids at home and come drink another beer, “fight cats, worship the sun” – but this time with a holiday twist.


THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK CHRISTMAS MUSICAL presented by Titusville Playhouse on their Shuler stage runs through December 19. The show is rated PG-13. Tickets cost $ 30. Performances are held at the Shuler Stage Tent at 316 Palm Avenue Titusville, FL 32796, just 1 block west of the Titusville Playhouse Mainstage Theater. Tickets can be purchased by visiting or call (321) 268-1125.

All photos by Niko Stamos, Titusville Playhouse

Top Photo: Cast of The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical
Middle Photo 1: Anna Olivia Banks as Darlene Seward
Middle Photo 2: Holly Fuller as Lin, Ashley Wilcox as Betty and Kayla Elliott as Pickles

Middle photo 3: Dennis Pisarz as Rufus Jeter

Middle photo 4: The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical Cast
Bottom Photo: Kayla Elliott as Pickles, Ashley Wilcox as Betty & Holly Fuller as Lin